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Talk to us about your training needs. Contact Murray.

Savi Consulting provides training in behaviour management

Savi Consulting is a Melbourne based company that teaches how to find solutions to inappropriate behaviour. Our training covers the steps to changing behaviour that is not okay and ways to encouraging appropriate behaviour.

We provide tailored training to the staff of organisations who work with a variety of client groups. Through our training we help you to help others. Currently we focus on two important areas:
  • how to respond to bullying behaviour and
  • providing a framework and strategies for encouraging appropriate behaviour.

You can either buy the books which the training is based on or contact us to discuss delivery of training program to suit your needs. Learn about the nine ways of responding to bullying behaviour when a report is received. Or use our BECOME six-step approach which gives people a simple process to follow to solve difficult behaviours.

What are the benefits of our training?

The bullying behaviour training:
  • gives you a large range of options to solve difficult situations
  • helps you choose which is the best option for your situation
  • lets you get started right away with all the information you need
  • offers step by step instructions on how to use and implement
  • enables quick assessment in deciding which approach is the most suitable for each situation
  • helps you avoid mistakes by alerting you about things to watch out for

The BECOME six steps training:
  • encourages appropriate behaviour
  • provides a range of strategies to use when responding to behaviour
  • creates a structure that gives you confidence to address issues
  • helps maintain a consistent approach
  • allows quick and simple analysis of situations
  • helps you avoid pitfalls
  • can change your perception about problem behaviour
  • reveals other possibilities and perspectives and gives you new insights
  • allows you to create new ways of dealing with issues.

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Developed by Savi Consulting founder Murray Irwin, the training includes a full range of strategies to use to encourage appropriate behaviour. More details can be found on the BECOME or bullying behaviour pages. Or download our information brochure.

Also check out our helpful stuff page for additional information.

If you would like any further information about our training services please contact us.
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Improve your skills
Talk to us about your training needs. Contact Murray.
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